January 21, 2017

Project Apartment Nursery | The Before

Our current home is a one bedroom apartment that includes a little office space that we're transforming from my art studio into Baby Yah's Nursery. It may be tiny but it will be big on love! In this post, I'll be outlining the first stages of the design process and our initial thoughts on a nursery layout.

Luckily, we love living small and we're excited about taking on the challenge of working with this 5'x7' space by coming up with some creative solutions. We're all about the minimalist living movement so we will be focusing on the essentials while keeping things simple, open and airy. 

First, I'm going to start by removing all the art from the walls. Since it is a small room we think leaving the walls white will create the illusion of space. I've dreamt about adding a wallpaper feature on one wall in a light, playful print. For example I'm loving this woodland blue forest wallpaper below, because it's whimsical but still chic. I'm picturing a simple white crib against the far wall and a white Ikea Hemnes 3 drawer dresser against the left wall with a changing pad on top and that's it! This nursery is basically for naptime and for changings, so the room just needs to be functional for the basics without too much fuss. The living room is just around the corner where we'll be spending most of the waking moments playing and nursing anyway. We're thinking of swapping out the light fixture because it's a bar of spotlights that you would typically find in a kitchen. So instead we want to opt for something that creates softer light and a relaxing atmosphere. Originally there were frosted glass sliding doors on the office, but we decided to remove them because they made a very narrow entrance and the room felt claustrophobic once inside. It's much more breezy now with the open entrance but we plan on hanging a simple curtain rod with a thick canvas like material so that we can pull them across to block out the light for Baby Yah's nap time. 

As themes go, we'll have to wait for the gender reveal as both of our boy and girl baby names have meanings that will really dictate the direction we want to go in for decor. That being said we do have a set of adorable white polar bear bookends and a beautiful Scandinavian Wool blanket with a blue and white bear print, so we're thinking of using that as a jumping off point. Blue and white as a colour palate paired with a woodland bear motif would be lovely for a boy! I'm thinking of adding in a few copper or rose gold accents to bring in a feminine touch if we have a girl. I've never been really into the typical pink and frills of "girls rooms" so I'll be quite happy with the blue polar bear look either way. 

I'm looking forward to slowly working on this project for the next couple months, and I'm planning on giving you updates on its progress along the way! So stay tuned if you're curious about creating a small space nursery and let me know if you're decorating one yourself. I'd love to hear your plans and what theme you've chosen!
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